Thursday, November 20, 2008

Student of the Month

Alli was chosen as Student of the month, which was celebrated in an assembly today. As the name of each student was read, their name and picture come up on the big screen.

Alli walked up to get her certificate,

and she now can eat free at a bunch of local restaurants!

Alli has really been looking forward to her assembly. As most of you know, last week Alli had a bad reaction to a virus and broke out in horrible red spots all over her body. Her biggest concern was making it to her assembly. She has recovered faster than I thought possible-the spots are supposed to take 2-6 weeks to disappear, but are fading faster than that. She was adamant that I not take her picture as a spotted lady, so you can tell how much better things are!

And, since we're talking about Alli, here's a funny Alli quip: we were waiting in the doctor's office while she was sick, and I called her Polka-Dot. I asked her if I could call her that from now on. Without missing a beat she replied, "sure, as long as I can call you 'Don't Call me Polka-Dot!'" I knew then that we had Alli back!


Aaron said...

student of the month! congrats Alli. these are definitely Hurst genes at work.

The Ditts Fam said...

Haa haa. I love Alli comments. She is halarious.

CONGRATS Alli. See you tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are sooo excited!

Angie said...

How funny...I guess Alli really is a little Renee. I don't remember seeing any spots on her at all last week. Hooray for a quick recovery!