Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Mary decided she likes to shovel snow       Alli had fun sledding, and throwing snowballs.  I noticed I was a favorite target.

We are pretty sure Hazel liked sledding.  It was her first real time going, and she liked to lay back in the sled and close her eyes.  Apparently she found it relaxing...?  Quinn was just pulling her around, maybe once she hits some hills she will find it more exciting!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hazel is 2!

Hazel had her second birthday on Thanksgiving this year. It was a busy, crazy day so of course I did not get all the pictures I wanted to! What Hazel wanted more than anything was a doll with a binky (she is obsessed with her own). Grandma Cindy gave her a stroller to go with it, and that is what she did the rest of the day! She has taken that baby everywhere, she even sleeps with it. It's fun to see her love something so much, and it makes me hopeful that maybe a real baby in the house won't be such a traumatic adjustment for her!

Hazel's personality has really come out over the last year. She is a little busybody, following her big sisters around. They have taught all kinds of valuable things like how to make noises that sound like bodily functions, and also they helped her come up with this strange phenomena:

She keeps constant track of each family member by holding her hands out to me during the day and asking "where Daddy?" and going down the line as I explain that everyone's either at work or at school. She is my little shopping and cooking buddy, so I also hear "ina hep" (I want to help) all day long! She is a sweet little girl, and we can't get enough of her!