Friday, November 13, 2009


The weatherman kept telling us to prepare for a cold, wet Halloween. We lucked out and had pretty mild weather. We had a fun time walking the loop in our little part of the neighborhood, seeing friends dressed up, and eating too much candy!

Alli was Emily Elizabeth, and Arthur was Clifford.

Mary as a cat.

Hazel's costume was a last-minute decision. She's a little tiger.

I swear I'm almost done...

I have to have a somewhat coherent timeline when I look back at my blog, so yes, I am posting first day of school pictures even though we are already into our second quarter of school. If you didn't know I was slightly OCD, well, now you know.

Alli is in 2nd grade and is having a great time. Mary is in Kindergarten and is still getting over the fact that she has to go EVERY SINGLE DAY. I keep reminding her that if we were still in Arizona, she'd also be going full day!

Every summer the Dittman family has a reunion in McCall. And, every summer I question the necessity of a Dittman reunion when every single member of the Dittman crew lives within a five mile radius of each other, and gets together at least every other Sunday for dinner! Either way, the kids look forward to going because it is pretty up there and they get to ride in boats, swim, fish, and sleep all together with their cousins. Alli and Mary both begged to go fishing. Mary ended up having a little more perseverance and was rewarded with a fish! She helped Quinn gut it and even tasted some.

I took a couple of pictures while we were there, but my sister in-law took a bunch and so I am making what she gave me a slideshow. I feel that I do need to explain a few of the pictures. You see, it wouldn't be a Dittman function without some competition. Thankfully the ladies' swim relay was not documented, but we did get a "friendly" race on film between Quinn and his oldest brother Eric. There wasn't a definite winner because the whole thing started looking like the chariot scene from Ben Hur. In the end, they each claim to be the fastest, so I guess everybody wins.

Catching up....Oregon Coast August 2009