Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We did it! We made the long drive with little snow and one long, lonely stretch of highway. We drove down the Extraterrestrial Highway, but saw no aliens. Too bad!
Alli and Mary did run into a little trouble in Wikieup...


Over the Thanskgiving break, Alli and Mary had a giant sleepover with their cousins at Grandma Jan's house. They stayed up too late, of course, but had a great time!

Hazel turns 1!

Hazel had a big birthday not long ago. I can't believe that it was just a year ago that I was hurrying out of WalMart, hoping that no one else could tell that my water broke...awesome. We are really glad that Hazel is part of our family, she is so much fun! I can tell that Hazel already has a sense of humor. She loves to have her binky pulled out of her mouth. It cracks her up! She gives lots of kisses-the good wet open-mouth baby kisses that really probably only a mother could love. She also blows kisses and waves at everyone. If she hears someone on TV say
"see ya later", she will wave at that, too! Hazel is not walking yet (I'm told that is a third-baby thing), but can really move when she crawls. She does like to bounce to music, and does little donkey kicks for no other reason that I can think of than because it makes all of us laugh. Hazel loves being the center of attention.

Mary's Christmas Pageant

During Thanksgiving we found out that we were moving back up to Idaho-and quick! We had about two weeks to pack and get everything ready for Christmas. Mary was going to miss participating in her preschool's Christmas pageant so they had a rehearsal so that she could perform for me! It was really cute-my favorite is the "Chubby Snowman" poem!


We went to Idaho for Thanksgiving-we got a taste of cold weather and got to see my brother Brett fresh off his mission from Ukraine! Here are the girls having fun at Grandma Cindy's house.

We also went to Festival of Trees, which used to be a tradition for our family each year. Alli and Mary picked out the Star Wars tree as their favorite!

A trip to the fire station!

Mary got to go on another field trip, this time to the fire station!