Monday, August 25, 2008

Mary's in Preschool!

Mary's day has finally come! Mary has been looking forward to preschool for SUCH a long time. She went right in and even seemed embarrassed when I gave her a hug goodbye (I knew better than to kiss her). She got to be the teacher's helper today passing out papers and seems to have had a great time.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Finally I am able to get some pictures up of Hazel. I have struggled taking a picture of her because I have been wanting to get a picture of her teeth and she does not like to hold still! She is quite the mover-she crawls all over the place and is currently perfecting the "turbo crawl". She also has discovered that she can open cupboards and there are all kinds of things to take out of the cupboards.

She is really fun, we are enjoying seeing her personality come through more and more. She loves being a part of the "big girls". Mary was cracking up when I was taking these pictures because Hazel wanted to play with the camera. And by play with it, I mean stick it in her mouth, hence the Jaws picture. At least it shows her teeth!

I wondered if any of our kids were going to inherit Quinn's curls, and decided that it would be a boy if we had one. But, Hazel's hair is definitely curly! This picture is supposed to show her curls. I can see them, but let's be honest, there still isn't much hair there!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to School Begins

The effect of this title doesn't seem as interesting as something like "Batman Begins", but sorry, that's what is going on at this house. Alli started the first grade yesterday and so far she loves it even more than kindergarten. So I am down to two kids at home for the next couple of weeks-Mary starts preschool at the end of the month. According to Mary, it isn't coming soon enough. Which is making it a long few weeks for the rest of us! Here are a couple of pictures of Alli on her first day. The close up is to show off her newly lost baby teeth/newly found "grown-up teeth".

Happy now?

I have had too many people tell me I should start a blog. Since apparently everyone is doing it, and I want to be cool, I am caving under peer pressure. So, I guess for anyone who thought they needed it (and I now have to worry about you), you can get your Dittman fix here.