Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camera Thief Srikes Again!!

Mary got the camera again. After deleting countless pictures of random objects in the den (under the desk, the wall, Hazel's feet), I saw these and started laughing out loud. I thought I had better post them, if not just for my own amusement!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hazel's Giraffes

For the past two weeks, Hazel has been talking about giraffes. I'm not sure what sparked the interest, but suddenly she loves giraffes. Last Saturday, I decided that while Quinn took Alli and Mary to their soccer games, I would take Hazel and Jack to the zoo. Hazel was really excited, and even now four days later, she still is talking about the animals at the zoo. This was Jack's first trip to the zoo. He looked around a bit, took a little from his bottle, and slept.

On the way downtown, I told Hazel I would get her some food to eat at the zoo since it was close to lunchtime. She was very concerned that I meant eat instead of the zoo. That took some explaining, but she finally got it-and was still too excited to eat much. She was fascinated watching giraffes eat and told me over and over again that the giraffes ate snacks! Apparently that was funny to her. We had a fun time, and Hazel is ready to go back, which is good because she has two older sisters who were kind of bummed they missed out. Now I'm trying to use our next trip to the zoo as motivation to start potty-training again....

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Alli's 8!

Alli just turned 8, and she has been so excited, because it's a big birthday! Unfortunately, her birthday fell on a Tuesday, so she had to go to school, but after school we went to the mall for dinner and to find a dress for her baptism. Since Quinn had to be out of town on her big day, Alli got a doll from her dad a few days early. I gave her the big 8 year-old present: her own set of scriptures. She was so excited and loved the fact that her name was engraved on them so they were just hers! Not to mention the fact that they came in a little pink carrier... After the mall, we went out to ice cream (good old Delsa's!) with Grandma Cindy.

These are some pictures we took outside our house in Alli's
special dress for her baptism announcements.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mary is 6!

Mary turned six April 3.  She is quite the character-all she wanted for her birthday was Moon Sand and 10 packs of gum.  She had specific instructions for her birthday cake, too: brownies with six cherries on top.  While she was thrilled to get the Moon Sand (and I was not thrilled about buying it-it is a mess), she loves two presents more than anything: her Zhu-zhu pet and her charm bracelet, both from the grandmas.  We went out to eat and stopped by Pojos for games.

Mary loves to steal my camera and take pictures of herself.  They are always a surprise to me as I'm uploading pictures!  She loves to play on the Wii with her dad, and already acknowledges that I am hopeless at video games.  She still loves her special bear, Cuddly Bear, who she sleeps with every night.  Mary is becoming a real reader; it is fun to have her read books to me.  She is lots of fun-she has a great sense of humor!  She is hilarious to watch wrestle her dad, which she insists they do every day, and she lovingly refers to dinner as "slop".  Life wouldn't be the same without Mary, we're glad we have her!