Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mary is 6!

Mary turned six April 3.  She is quite the character-all she wanted for her birthday was Moon Sand and 10 packs of gum.  She had specific instructions for her birthday cake, too: brownies with six cherries on top.  While she was thrilled to get the Moon Sand (and I was not thrilled about buying it-it is a mess), she loves two presents more than anything: her Zhu-zhu pet and her charm bracelet, both from the grandmas.  We went out to eat and stopped by Pojos for games.

Mary loves to steal my camera and take pictures of herself.  They are always a surprise to me as I'm uploading pictures!  She loves to play on the Wii with her dad, and already acknowledges that I am hopeless at video games.  She still loves her special bear, Cuddly Bear, who she sleeps with every night.  Mary is becoming a real reader; it is fun to have her read books to me.  She is lots of fun-she has a great sense of humor!  She is hilarious to watch wrestle her dad, which she insists they do every day, and she lovingly refers to dinner as "slop".  Life wouldn't be the same without Mary, we're glad we have her!


Angie said...

Lovin' the extra special closeups. Happy Birthday, Mary! I cannot believe you're 6!

Shannon Lytle said...

So did she get the 10 packs of gum? The pictures she took of herself are so funny. I like the slober on her face in the first one.

M&M said...

She is so darling! And, I would just like to take some credit for preparing you to be surprised by the photos that end up on your camera. At least now you don't have to wait until they are developed!