Saturday, July 25, 2009

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Summer

Okay, Maria, you were wondering when our BBQ at Manwaring's was you go. On a related note, would you be honest and tell me if I am really extra wide in real life or just in the picture?

My camera battery died after I got only these pictures of the 4th....

And what is summer without a lemonade stand? Alli and Mary (and a cousin) gave a good effort, but we live on a quiet street. Good for not getting run over, but disappointing for lemonade stands. A couple of friends came by and bought some, but in the end these guys ended up drinking themselves out of business.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer 2009

My relaxing summer has turned out to be more crazy than expected. We've had unusually mild weather (this week it's supposed to reach 100 for the FIRST TIME THIS SUMMER), and we've just been busy doing summer things, I guess. So, to appease my type A-ish personality, I have to log what we've been up to since last posting...

Mary graduated from preschool! She is super excited to start kindergarten-there are a bunch of kids in the neighborhood that she and Alli will walk to school with.

Alli and Mary were in a children's performing arts group and had their spring concert. They sang and danced to some fun songs, hitting the big time when they landed a gig at the Meridian Dairy Days parade! It rained and was freezing, but the girls felt like celebrities.

At the beginning of June, Alli went to a jump rope camp. A week of jumping rope every day was heaven to Alli, she loved every minute and learned some cool tricks!

Later on in June, I got to tag along with Quinn on one of his business trips to Seattle. We had fun being part of a big city, and seeing the Wharf and Pike Place Market. I also got to see some of my cousins and my aunt, which was really fun!

I watched the guys throw the fish at the fish market which was cool, but I could have done without the smell...we had just found out not too long before our trip that we are expecting #4 and morning sickness was rearing its ugly head!