Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching Up-Disneyland

As you know our camera wasn't working there for a while, so we had to use the backup old school camera. When I got the CD that I had made from the film I sent in, I discovered that our disk drive on our computer did not open up. My point is, it has taken way too long to get these pictures up, but I managed to get everything working the way it should again and so here is a little chunk of our lives that you all missed out on. I am sure you have all been suffering from the loss...

At the beginning of October we went to Disneyland. Jan came to visit and joined us on our trip. We were all looking forward to going and even made a chain of "disney facts" to help us count down the days.

Alli and Mary say hi to Goofy,

Alli and Mary at one of the parades. We were right up at the front and had fun having all the characters come up to us!
We had a great time-the weather was great, lines were short. Everything was decorated for Halloween and there were lots of characters to see.

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