Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ugh. No more candy. I am officially sick of Halloween, so I guess it's time to move on to Thanksgiving. Here are some highlights of our day...

Alli traded in her broom today for a different form of transportation. She had a fun party in her classroom which Quinn visited. Mary's preschool party was going on at the same time, so Hazel and I covered her party. Mary won the prize for "sweetest costume".

Halloween started to fizzle right around trick or treating time. Mary was done wearing braids, Quinn and Alli opted not to paint faces, and Hazel was so tired we didn't even bother dressing her up! We never did figure out wings for Arthur (who was supposed to be a flying monkey), so he became the cowardly lion. Keeping true to character, he wouldn't go up to a door that had a standing skeleton that glowed and made noises.
Alli and Mary had a lot of fun trick or treating. They got too much candy and now every few minutes they are asking if they can have more candy and are negotiating how many pieces they can have. Another successful Halloween!


Lyn said...

I just discovered that you have a blog! Okay -- Hailey discovered it. I am laughing that you have David Cassidy on your playlist. I had to explain to Hailey just who he is. It made me feel really old... Your family looked really cute for Halloween! We'll be following the adventures of the Dittmans now.
Love, Aunt Lyn and Hailey

Natty by Nature said...

We had our ward trunk or treat on Thursday night and that was enough Halloween for me. I would have liked to stay home on Halloween, but we put on our costumes anyway and went to another trunk or treat where we had to force Tyler to gather free candy. He is the only kid I know that doesn't think that is the coolest thing ever.

Aaron said...

there's no shame in ducking the houses with the scary decorations Arthur! i'm right there with you. some of those houses can be way scary as you approach them.

and Drew got me to jump and shriek in horror that night when he burst out of my room unexpectedly as i was about to enter it. i'll bet it would be pretty funny to see that one in slo mo

Angie said...

Alli makes a very cute little witch. I had to do a double take because I thought you looked like Mom in the first picture of you...just for a second.