Tuesday, August 10, 2010

♪♫Everything Today is Thoroughly Modern!♪♫

I have always wanted to go out to Starlight Mountain Theater, and when my friends Maria and Shannon told me they were showing Thoroughly Modern Millie, we knew we had to go. I grew up with the movie and love it, and I guess forced my friends to see at least parts of it in high school, so it became a running joke among us.

We made the hour or so drive up to Garden Valley with the help of Maria's Norwegian-speaking GPS and found a huge sign with the theater's name. We saw the will call booth right off and picked up our tickets and since the GPS showed the theater still a short distance away, we climbed back into the car and took off, pleased with ourselves for arriving early...only to discover that there was soon no sign of civilization (although there was a sign for "neat stuff"). We eventually turned around despite being yelled at in Norwegian by the GPS (and just for the record, there is nothing more creepy than a robotic woman's voice commanding you to turn around in Norwegian) and ended up right at the ticket booth. Then we saw the cars parked about 50 feet down and a theater. We ended up being 20 minutes late. Woops. Fortunately, we usually find ourselves far more entertaining than anything else around us, so we don't feel we missed out on anything. We did have to get a picture of some of the cast because the lead male, "Jimmy" was outside when we finally made it to the theater and made a snide comment and we couldn't be certain that the lead female "Millie" didn't have at least one fake leg the way she was dancing. We discovered she had both limbs intact, but must have been wearing cement shoes for the final disastrous leap (or full body upheaval) into Jimmy's arms. We did get some classic pictures of, well, ourselves. And we laughed like crazy ladies, so I consider it a successful outing.


M&M said...

Oh my goodness that was such a funny night! We really should be super models.

Renee said...

I personally like the unnatural yellow of the popcorn in our mouths. Attractive.

Thorpe said...

I love love that movie.