Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer is Here: The Mega-Post!

The end of school always ends up as blur to me. There is too much to fit in right at the end and everything becomes completely chaotic. So, here's what we've been up to these last couple of months:

Alli was baptized May 1. She did great and it was really nice. She loves being able to go to Activity Days now. The next day Jack was blessed. He didn't make a peep!

Of course, we had to make another trip to the zoo. Hazel is now obsessed with going to see the animals. We met up with Drew and Pyper and so our kids got to play with their cousins Lucy and Kyle at the zoo.

Alli has been asking to get her ears pierced since kindergarten. We told her we would talk about it when she was at least 8. She held us to that, wanting to get it done for her birthday. Unfortunately, she was in soccer then and couldn't wear earrings for games so she had to wait a little longer. Quinn didn't want her to get her ears pierced because it was an acknowledgement that she's growing up, so he tried to tell her a variety of reason why she couldn't do it: the store exploded, all stores are out of earrings, and so on. She didn't buy it, and although she was nervous, Alli was tough. She didn't flinch, and even said after that it hurt so bad she wanted to cry, but didn't want to cry out at the store! She is so happy to have her ears pierced, and for the first few days she would stop and admire her ears on just about anything that would reflect her image!




School finally did end, and we are happy to stay up late. Still working on sleeping in...that's okay, the weather is still working on being warm. We're hoping to get it and actually feel like a summer vacation some time soon!

Hazel gets a last-minute snuggle with Alli before a neighbor friend gets her and Mary to walk to school. And yes, Alli is wearing a jacket the last week of school.

Mary's kindergarten class, and her teacher Miss Clegg.

Alli and some of her buddies on the last day of school.

And that gets us caught up a little for now. More to come, hopefully in smaller, easier to digest chunks!


SarahAnne said...

Such a cute family! My daughter, Amber, was just like yours and the second she turned 8 started in again on getting her ears pierced. Dave didn't want her to get them done either, for the same reasons as Quinn's. LOL Please tell me how we got to be the parents of 8 year-old girls? And my oldest boy is almost 11! Ack!

Shannon Lytle said...

I am so glad you updated your blog so I could find out what you've been up to! It's about time! Alli looks cute in her new earrings. The big thing holding me back from having Cora get hers done is knowing how much whining Jane will be doing for the next couple years before she can get hers!
I like your ELO. When you proclaimed your love for them, I didn't know I knew any of their songs, but it turns out I do!

Cherice said...

What a whirl-wind! Sounds like me! Sounds like you guys are doing great!

M&M said...

Alli looks beautiful with her new earring! I love Quinn's excuses. We will definitely need to do a trip to the zoo together.