Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mary's first field trip!

Mary got to go on her first field trip last week to the Wildlife World Zoo. It is a fun place and Mary thought that it was great to be there with her class. To quote what she repeated the entire time we were at the zoo, "This is the funnest day I've ever seen!" So I think she enjoyed herself! Of course my camera was not working, so I had to take pictures using my cell phone. That means that the pictures are not high quality. The class picture is one the Miss Tracy, Mary's teacher, emailed the parents. Mary is the one on the far left.

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Aaron said...

hey guys, thanks for the cool pics. the zoo is awesome! my first trip to Hogle zoo in Utah was a life-changing experience and i hope it was the same for Mary. my mom's favorite pic of me is at the zoo holding both hands of another kid in the class while whispering in his ear. i was no taller than Mary at the time. and yes, i know it sounds strange, but so great was my ecstasy that all awareness of societal guidelines left me...that's the only explanation i have for you.

oh yeah, and i did a fist pump while standing on the scale the other day. think i'm ready for another training session Renee!