Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Today we visited the Coconino County Fair in Flagstaff on our day off. We had a fun day of rides, fattening food, and nice cool weather!

Alli, Mary and me on the merry-go-round. Quinn took a lot of pictures trying to get us all facing the right way and looking normal. The girls were cute. Sadly, this was the most flattering picture of me.

The highlight of the fair for Alli and Mary was the little roller coaster. They were cracking up the entire time!

The highlight of the fair for me was my first (and last) deep-fried Snickers bar. I think I exceeded my calorie intake for the week, but it was totally worth it.

We had a great day and were really glad we went up. The weather was wonderful-Quinn and Alli came back a little more brown than they left, and of course Mary, Hazel and I came back a little pink. Here's Hazel's sunkissed look.


Aaron said...

Renee, you're lookin' just fine to me! Quinn needs to lighten up on the relation ship that we have and understand that we once had something special, and that never completely goes away.

seriously though, Alli is so big! Mary too. hope they still remember me. loved the pics. unfortunately my fair activities this year consisted of waiting in the car while Jim snuck in to buy some churros. looks like you guys had more fun.

M&M said...

Unfortunately the pictures aren't coming through here at work so I will have to take another look when I get home. However, I have to say that Quinn and Aaron's comments on my blog totally made my day. I was seriously laughing so hard at both of them. Thanks! I'm glad we are able to keep tabs on each other.

PS- I never knew you and Aaron had something going Renee. When were you going to tell us this?

Angie said...

Did you seriously enjoy the deep fried Snickers? I remember being so excited to try a deep fried Twinkie in Vegas...and it tasted like the frying made the cream go rancid. Next time I go for deep fried already junk food, I'll try chocolate.

M&M said...

Renee, I think you are breaking Aaron's heart. By the way, I think I'm being punished for making fun of Ike Hunter by being run down by Hurricane Ike. Live and learn. Maybe I can use this in one of my YW lessons. :)

Aaron said...

hey Quinn...THWWWWAAP! (that is the sound the edge of my hand makes when cutting through the air and striking your adam's apple) out of the tiny fraction of people in this world that would have thought to call me, and probably millions of others, 'sneeze dung' for simply seeking to enjoy their sandwiches a little more, there are very few of them that would not incur my wrath. you, Quinn Cannon, are one of them. but the fact that you followed it up with an inference that i am an atypical American just really bugged a lot. so i had to discipline you in this way. still love you though.

oh yeah, and just because your obsessive-compulsive issues demand that you evenly distribute the peanut butter on one slice, and the jam on the other, not to mention keeping the peanut butter out of the jar of jam (which i'll give you credit for that point, nobody likes to see that), doesn't mean that everybody else should conform in like manner. what if i want to be surprised with a little more jam than peanut butter in my bite of sandwich, followed by a little more butter than jam? did that ever cross your brain? so don't give me this 'even distribution' hullaballoo. i'll make a sandwich how i want to make it and then enjoy it that much more than you.